Physical Therapy Specialists Treating Sports Injuries

Physical Therapy is the field of medicine dedicated to helping you reduce the level of discomfort you experience and/or improve your ability to move or restore your mobility. There are many different types of physical therapy techniques and rehabilitation programs, but most Physical Therapy facilities are general purpose. They may also be referred to as rehabilitation centers. Physical Therapy in Brooklyn is readily available for the entire family; including children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens.

It’s important to realize that there is more to physical therapy than simply getting a therapist to apply pressure to your muscles and joints. A good therapist will focus on developing strength, endurance and flexibility while addressing specific injuries and concerns. While there is no magic pill when you experience an injury or pain, physical therapists can help you strengthen your muscles and increase your range of motion. These practitioners can also teach you how to prevent future injuries by making sure that you are doing the exercises that are right for your body type and level of expertise. There is no reason that a therapist cannot teach you the exercises that you need to be doing in order to get back into shape.

When looking for Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, you want to locate the top-rated physical therapy specialists near you. Ideally, you want to find a Practitioner who is not only highly skilled and experienced, but has been certified through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). APTA offers ongoing education and development to its Physical Therapy registered Nurses and Physical Therapy specialists. Physical Therapy is an important part of the healthcare industry and should never be overlooked. Seek the advice of a trusted and respected physical therapy specialists such as a nurse practitioner, licensed physical therapist, orthopedic physical therapist, sports medicine doctor, rheumatologist, neurologist, and even a psychiatrist.

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I would recommend contacting Physical Therapy Specialists such as Mary Kay London, John Kubota, Karen Smith, Arpad Nagy, and Dmitry Chirarov at New York Botanical Garden in New York City. These professionals have combined their expertise and research to treat many shoulder, knee, and ankle conditions successfully. I have personally used physical therapy to treat my aching joints and it helped me to move faster on my treadmill and recover sooner from a knee injury I suffered. If you or someone you know has been injured or knows someone who has, I would suggest consulting with a local physical therapy specialist. They may be able to recommend a therapist that would suit your needs best.

Neurologists have the expertise to treat disorders associated with the brain and spine. Neurosurgeons perform surgery on the brain and spinal cord to reconstruct them after a traumatic event or disease. Physical therapists and orthopedic physical therapy specialists have the expertise to perform therapeutic exercises and treatments to correct conditions that are causing functional problems. Physical therapists are also skilled in conducting diagnostic tests to help patients determine their particular condition.

In terms of treatments, orthopedic physical therapy specialists would usually suggest a client use a combination of manual therapy, electrical stimulation, and/or massage techniques. They would also encourage a client to use a combination of techniques that are specific to their condition. For example, if a person has recently experienced a traumatic injury to their neck, they would most likely receive manual therapy to prevent further neck pain or injury. If a female athlete suffering from lower back pain receives massage therapy and electrical stimulation, they are more likely to improve their flexibility and strengthen their core muscles to prevent further back injury.