Water Restoration and Water Mitigation

Water restoration is one of the key aspects of any building’s life cycle. Without its restoration, the life span of the building can be seriously compromised. The process is basically essential to prevent damage to the structure and to the contents of the building. There are different forms of water restoration that have varying effects on building structures and on the contents of the same.

Standing water caused due to rain runoff or melting snow can cause damage to the surface as well as the foundation of the building. Water damage restoration deals with such cases. Water mitigation refers to preventing or slowing down the effects of water damage caused due to standing water. Water mitigation can either be done on your own or you can hire the services of contractors who are well versed in the process.

Water restoration companies provide many services. Some of these include cleaning up damaged areas, repairing flooring and wall, replacing damaged materials, and inspection of the entire site. Water restoration companies also conduct disinfection and repair of surfaces and fittings that have been affected by water. Depending on the magnitude of the impact and on the nature of the contaminated area, the kind of restoration needed may vary. A simple inspection may not be enough in some of the situations.

The first step in the process is the inspection of the affected area. The inspection team consists of trained professionals. These experts perform a complete and thorough inspection of the affected area, looking out for the signs of damage and contamination. In case the location requires a thorough clean up, restoration teams are drafted in to carry out the task. This team comprises of professionals who specialize in waterborne diseases, sewage treatment, hazardous drugs removal, and health and safety management.

Water restoration services are usually hired by water mitigation companies in order to carry out the necessary tasks. Water mitigation companies are formed in a bid to prevent the recurrence of such situations. Water mitigation companies provide different types of restoration services including water remediation and water mitigation. Water remediation is considered to be the most useful service, as it involves purification of the affected soil and surrounding areas. On the other hand, water mitigation deals with preventing further contamination and damage in the impacted area. Both methods help in the prevention of future situations like flooding and drought.

Water restoration projects require timely action and prompt response from all concerned parties. Any delay in the water restoration process can result in increased costs, which may even force a few homeowners to choose between salvage or replacement. When it comes to the cost, homeowners tend to opt for replacement.